The new Expedition: Big and boxy yet soft and smooth

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For the first time in nearly 20 years, Ford has undertaken a full redesign of the Expedition, its largest SUV. Here's some early feedback.

"There's nearly enough room in this spacious new truck for roadhouse line dancing."


"The smooth-sided, boxy shape behind the A-pillar reminds us of the latest Chevrolet Tahoe."


"Let's talk about that body ... the Expedition has clearly gotten a bit softer for this generation, channeling more Explorer than F-Series."

-- New York Daily News

"Looks like our predictions that the new Expedition will share a face with the F-150 were completely, utterly wrong. To be honest, I'm happy about that. ... The face Ford went with for the Expedition is much more attractive than the F-150 face, which is sort of labored and over-complicated."

-- Jalopnik

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