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Flex Buy at Galpin Ford

Ford Flex Buy

If you are looking for a more flexible financing contract, Flex Buy at Galpin Ford provides two payment schedules that complement your current and future budgets. Flex Buy has a fixed rate with the first 36 months having a payment about 15 percent lower than a comparable 60-month contract, and the remaining 30 months having a payment about 22 percent higher than the first 36 months.

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Why Choose Flex Buy?

Flex Buy is a great choice for car buyers who need a lower monthly payment initially but will be able to afford a higher monthly payment in the future. Flex Buy at Galpin Ford offers many of the benefits of leasing a car, such as a lower monthly payment, with the benefits of financing a vehicle, including no mileage restrictions.


Browse our frequently asked questions or call (855) 228-1917 and we can help you figure out if Flex Buy is right for you.

Q: Why would I choose Flex Buy instead of a regular car loan?

A: If you don’t have the budget for a standard monthly payment, Flex Buy can lower your monthly payments for the first few years of the loan.

Q: Can I purchase a Certified Pre-Owned Ford using Flex Buy?

A: No, Flex Buy can’t be used to purchase either a Certified Pre-Owned Ford vehicle.