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Galpin Ford is proud to introduce to you a new home for all your Ford leasing needs. Here at Galpin, choosing to lease a new vehicle is one of the smartest and most rewarding ways to get into a new vehicle. Whether it’s your first time leasing, or you’re renewing your lease, we have many options for you to get into the vehicle of your dreams.

Galpin Lease Specialists

Our dedicated Lease Team are experts in helping you get into a brand-new Ford. If you’re ready to find out more about great leasing options at Galpin Ford then give us a call or fill out our contact form.

Jack Ribakoff

Leasing Manager

Jack Ribakoff

Leasing Specialist

Jack Ribakoff

Leasing Specialist

Jack Ribakoff

Leasing Specialist

Why a Lease May be Right For You

There are many ways to buy a car. Leasing provides you with numerous advantages simply not available any other way. When you purchase a vehicle, you are committing yourself to that vehicle and all of its upkeep for the long haul. Leasing ensures that you remain in a newer model vehicle with lower payments and up-to-date safety, technology & performance features.

General Benefits of Leasing

  • You’re able to experience a new vehicle every two or three years
  • Low initial cost and monthly payments
  • Flexible options at lease-end
  • Multiple terms available
  • Complimentary GAPCoverage℠ LOGO
  • Multiple mileage options

Benefits of Leasing at Galpin Ford

  • Dedicated leasing specialists
  • Experience the latest new models
  • Tailored lease options
  • Largest selection of Fords in the world
  • Available contactless shopping experience
  • #1 Ford lease dealer in the world!
  • Commercial leasing

Ready to Lease a New Ford?

Galpin Ford offers multiple terms and eight different mileage options to fit your lifestyle. Enjoy payments that are usually lower than similar term financing payments and the benefit of driving a new vehicle more often. Available terms include: 24, 36 and 39-month lease terms.

Red Carpet Lease

Choose from a range of mileage options with versatile lease-end choices, making it easy for you to enjoy a new Ford more often.


Lease-End Options

At lease-end, you have three great options to choose from, and Galpin Ford is ready to help make the experience easy and convenient for you.

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Renew Your Lease

Galpin Ford provides a seamless renewal process into a new or Certified Pre-Owned Ford. We offer an in-store shopping experience (many of our guests enjoy shopping by appointment with a dedicated renewal specialist) and we can provide a contactless renewal experience through our Online Express Store. In either case, we are here to make your lease renewal easy and convenient.

Early Renewal

Have your driving habits changed? Have your vehicle needs evolved since you leased your current vehicle? No problem, we can help with that! Ford often provides additional rebates for early lease renewals and/or additional trade-in assistance for existing Ford lease customers. To get started with an early lease renewal, click on the Value Your Lease Vehicle link below.


Some of our leasing clients even explore the option of purchasing their leased vehicle at the end of their lease term. There are many factors to consider when deciding if a Lease Buy-Out is right for you. We offer comprehensive options with our dedicated renewal specialist, simply give us a call or to schedule your appointment today.

Vehicle Lease Protection

Galpin is pleased to offer you programs that can protect your vehicle and your investment.

Ford Protect® Extended Service Plan
Plan ahead with Ford Protect Extended Service Plans. Ford Protect Extended Service Plans help protect you from the cost of unforeseen events after your New Vehicle Limited Warranty has expired.


If your Ford is stolen or declared a total loss, GAPCoverage offers you protection for the gap between your insurance payoff and finance balance (subject to program terms).


Anticipate the unexpected. Covers excess wear & tear up to $5,000 at lease end – our most popular lease product for Galpin lease clients. Electing for WearCare at the beginning of your lease protects you from unexpected excess wear and use charges later on.


Ford Insure
Insurance that rewards you for safe driving. Ford Insure, offered by American Road Services Company, lets you earn potential discounts up to 40% off your policy.


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